At Prufer, we proofread and edit a wide variety of documents.  Reviewers and publishers are frequently rejecting manuscripts due to linguistic problems, contextual errors, problems with sentence construction, and thematic errors.  Irrespective of the issues, our skilled editors alleviate these publishing hurdles by analyzing your manuscript and by offering a suitable editorial structure which would induce the publishers to consider the manuscript for publication.


Proofreading is the procedure of evaluating the written draft to assure accuracy and precision in grammar, spellings, punctuation, and formatting.  Our editing team would work on all kinds of manuscripts in all streams of research and academic criteria. The submitted manuscripts will be critically evaluated for all types of errors like typographical errors, lacking phrases and grammatical errors. It will also be scrutinized for redundancies and incorrect use of words.

Development (Substantive) Editing

This is the most intensive form of editing. The document will be appraised as a whole, and problems of construction, organization, consistency, and logical consistency are checked and corrected. 

Copy Editing

Grammatical errors, phrasing issues, redundancies, and excessive use of sentences and words will be corrected.

Project Editing

In project editing, the entire project will be scrutinized meticulously for all types of errors from the beginning till the end.  Thematic issues will be identified, and the author will be intimated regarding that and guidance will be provided to rectify the same.  The author will also be channeled to convert the raw data into decent formidable research work.  

Customized Editing Service

Our editing aid also is available for documents such as review articles, book chapters, monographs, technical reports, grant proposals, abstracts, manuals, bulletins, circulars, newsletters, conference proceedings, award nominations, curriculum vitae, and cover letters.  PRUFER provides the best in-house support as per the requirements of the client.